As a dynamic leader in technology integration, it only makes sense that we self-perform our own survey.  Housed in our Salem, Oregon office, our survey team is highly mobile and capable of meeting project needs.

Personnel & Equipment

Managed by our Machine Control Manager-Alex Culbertson and our PLS Surveyor- Jim Swenson, our team is fitted with 1 second Trimble Robotic Total Stations, along with all other necessary supplies to complete a turn key solution for any of our projects, DOT to private.

Our internal capabilities include (but not limited to): property corner establishment, monument set/recording, project survey, as built collection and layout.


In order to supply our needs, stay current with technology and to support our inventory of survey and machine control equipment, we are in a well established partnership with Sitech Oregon.  This partnership keep us on the cutting edge and allows for maximum integration and efficiency in our operation.


"We at Sitech Oregon really appreciate all of our valued customers and their willingness to share their passion for their trade with the next generation!  Thank you K & E Excavating for your commitment to the future."

Eric Arritola- Sitech Oregon