Company Philosophy

For nearly 20 years, customers have counted on us to be trustworthy, honest and hardworking. We haven’t disappointed them—and we won’t disappoint you. We consistently deliver quality work ​as each employee embraces our company’s core values that promote integrity, fairness and accountability.

We believe in treating all people with respect; striving to be good stewards of what we are given, we ​wish to do the same regarding our environment. ​Our equipment runs with environmentally friendly biodegradable hydraulic oil (BHO) and have implemented the latest in Caterpillar equipment, featuring electric drive and hybrid technology which ensures less fuel consumption for every hour of operation.

Additionally, we support sustainable and green civil construction practices and value the opportunity to do our part for the community as shown below:


Check our Caterpillar D7E, featured in Sustainable Constructions Fall 2012 magazine.


Our Sense of Responsibility Runs Deep:

As a company, we believe in treating our employees, sub-contractors and clients with respect.

We actively support the local community through donations and work with non-profits.

On a regional basis, we work with lawmakers on important policy issues that impact our industry, as well as serve on a number of association boards.

We care about our planet and make it a priority to be good stewards of the land and natural resources in every community we serve.