Highway and Bridge Construction


Because Americans crave mobility, highway and bridge construction will continue to be ​a major part of the construction industry. Lanes will be added, curves will be straightened and new bridges and overpasses will be built to improve traffic congestion and safety.

Public work highway and bridge construction is one of K&E’s specialties. Our highly skilled ​employees know how to handle complicated phasing, detailed traffic control, complex utility re-locations, and extensive coordination with public agencies. We are prepared with a well-stocked fleet of trucks and machinery, on-demand labor resources and ability to anticipate and avert problems help us be very successful in this scope.


Attention to Detail

Our highway and bridge construction projects are built well, completed on time and come in at the lowest possible production cost. Not by accident, but by having the experience and attention to detail required for large highway construction projects. We’re able to draw upon the resources of the entire company ensuring the availability of materials, seamless communications, smooth logistics and construction site safety.

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