Willamette River Bridge

Eugene, Oregon

The ODOT bridge construction project, located on the I-5 Bridge spanning the Willamette River in Eugene, Oregon utilized a wide variety of our services. For instance, we provided mass excavation for bridge structures, retaining walls for road construction and storm improvements for the I-5 highway, which is the busiest freeway in Oregon.


All bridge maintenance over a body of water creates unique challenges. Safety was, of course, our number one priority and one of our biggest challenges. Whether it was making sure that all K&E employees were securely tied-off when working on retaining walls with sheer faces or directing basic truck traffic safety on and off the site, we had to always be aware of what was the safest method for each stage of the bridge construction.

We managed the safety challenges through constant communication between all parties. Making sure that all required safety equipment was available at all times and having K&E’s Safety Officer onsite to double check all methods and plans gave us the safeguards needed to ensure a safe work environment for all.


The project was a great success for K&E giving us exposure and additional work. We now have contracts with both Slayden Construction and Hamilton Construction, supporting work on different aspects of the bridge construction. Our original contract for the project was 1.9 million—which has grown to 6.6 million.

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"K&E’s  product was installed exactly to the plans and specifications and their flexibility in executing the overall project schedule was outstanding. This project required significant coordination with the electrical and H-pile installation contractors, K&E’s support in this area  contributed heavily to the success of the project."

- James W. Stone
Stantec Consulting Services
Scarborough, ME

(Project refers to two solar powered generation facilities in Amity, Oregon.)