ODOT US 20 PME: UPRR-Eddyville (Phase 2)

Work on the Eddyville Phase 2 project consisted of installing 78” multi-plate culverts in four creek locations for a total of 3,216 feet of culvert placed.  Nearly 650,000 tons of aggregate placed throughout the four creek locations for blanket drains and rock fill toes to help safely carry water to approved drainage areas and protect existing embankments from landslides with the use of integrating geogrid in the rock.  Approximately 250,000 cubic yards of excavation and embankment. Over 100,000 feet of horizontal drains installed to help reduce ground water pressure that activates landslide activity.  

A vast array of erosion control was also installed, which includes a 135,000 gallon sediment trap, 23,000 feet of sediment barrier, four foot tall sandbag isolation barriers, 1,200 feet of turbidity treatment swales, trench drains, and just over 20 acres of temporary seeding.

This work load was completed in 14 weeks with the help of GPS guided CAT equipment.  The leadership, crew and subcontractors onsite were very organized, highly skilled and qualified to perform this project.  Completing this project on time with no major issues made it a success for both ODOT and K&E Excavating.

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"K&E’s  product was installed exactly to the plans and specifications and their flexibility in executing the overall project schedule was outstanding. This project required significant coordination with the electrical and H-pile installation contractors, K&E’s support in this area  contributed heavily to the success of the project."

- James W. Stone
Stantec Consulting Services
Scarborough, ME

(Project refers to two solar powered generation facilities in Amity, Oregon.)