Matthew Knight Basketball Arena

University of Oregon, Eugene, Oregon

K&E contributed to the construction success of the University of Oregon, Matthew Knight Basketball Arena by overseeing three areas: mass excavation, grading, and improvements to public utilities. The mass excavation involved moving 340,000 cubic yards of material off the site in 13 weeks. The grading involved the backfill, compaction and grading of the building interior, the building exterior, the pavement areas and the landscape areas. For the public utility improvements, K&E removed the existing utilities then installed the sanitary sewer, storm drainage, the fire protection system, and the domestic water system.


Our first challenge centered on the details and logistics of moving 340,000 cubic yards of material off the site within 13 weeks and working with limited space, erosion control, and inconvenient dump site and truck route. To overcome these challenges, we focused on pre-planning and working closely with the general contractor and the City to pre-determine all travel routes during mass excavation phases. This allowed us to foresee any possible conflicts with schedule, traffic and community events and react accordingly.

With the rigorous construction schedule, another challenge we faced was ensuring that several trades worked well together and in close succession. Thanks to the effort of our superintendent who fostered close working relationships and who continually looked ahead to prepare for any potential delays, this challenge was also overcome.


We completed this mass excavation project on-time and developed a mutually respectful relationship with the general contractor that will lead to future projects.

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"K&E’s  product was installed exactly to the plans and specifications and their flexibility in executing the overall project schedule was outstanding. This project required significant coordination with the electrical and H-pile installation contractors, K&E’s support in this area  contributed heavily to the success of the project."

- James W. Stone
Stantec Consulting Services
Scarborough, ME

(Project refers to two solar powered generation facilities in Amity, Oregon.)