Intertie 2 Diversion Project

Clackamas County, Oregon

Project consisted of the installation of approximately 21,000 feet of 20-inch DI Class 250 sanitary sewer force main from the Intertie 2 Pump Station site along Johnson Road to the Tri-City Water Pollution Control Plant in Oregon City. The installation of up to approximately 7,000 feet of 30-inch, DI Class 250 force main along the same alignment was also a requirement.


Traffic control and the ever changing conditions were our biggest challenges to overcome. We were tested by the complexity of site and its surrounding location with regards to atrial, residential, highway roads, bike paths, wetlands and solid rock. Plus, we understood the importance of and the task at hand involving a large amount of coordination among three Cities, two Counties, three Water Districts and ODOT.


By having a great working relationship with the Water Environmental Services and doing our due diligence with pre-planning, this sewer force main installation ran smoothly even with its varied challenges.

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"K&E’s  product was installed exactly to the plans and specifications and their flexibility in executing the overall project schedule was outstanding. This project required significant coordination with the electrical and H-pile installation contractors, K&E’s support in this area  contributed heavily to the success of the project."

- James W. Stone
Stantec Consulting Services
Scarborough, ME

(Project refers to two solar powered generation facilities in Amity, Oregon.)