Agency Creek Road Rehabilitation Project

The purpose of this project is to rehabilitate approximately 4 miles of existing Agency Creek Road along pristine Agency Creek in Yamhill County, Oregon.  Work included pulverization of the existing paved surface, re-grading and compacting the pulverized material, construction of road widenings/pullouts/aprons, repair of landslide slump areas, paving the entire roadway, installation of approx. forty 12” through 30” diameter culverts, installation of a 116” wide arch culvert pipe for Joe Creek crossing Agency Creek Road, re-grading ditches, and tree-trimming to allow for vehicle clearance.

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"K&E’s  product was installed exactly to the plans and specifications and their flexibility in executing the overall project schedule was outstanding. This project required significant coordination with the electrical and H-pile installation contractors, K&E’s support in this area  contributed heavily to the success of the project."

- James W. Stone
Stantec Consulting Services
Scarborough, ME

(Project refers to two solar powered generation facilities in Amity, Oregon.)