K&E's Management Team


  • Kerry Kuenzi Kerry Kuenzi President
  • Eric Kuenzi Eric Kuenzi Vice President
  • John Kuenzi John Kuenzi Secretary, Estimator
  • Scott Zollinger Scott Zollinger Chief Operations Officer

Finance & Administration

  • Heather Daviscourt Heather Daviscourt A/R, A/P & Contract Director
  • Brianna Tribbett Brianna Tribbett Payroll
  • Janelle Schurter Janelle Schurter Rock Products, Compliance & PR Assistant
  • Nicole Reyna Nicole Reyna A/P
  • Maryn Schaefer Maryn Schaefer Reception & Office Assistant
  • Kayla Kearn Kayla Kearn DOT Compliance & Project Engineer

Engineering & Survey

  • Alex Culbertson Alex Culbertson Machine Control Manager
  • Jared Lulay, PE Jared Lulay, PE Civil Engineer
  • Jim Swenson, PLS Jim Swenson, PLS Surveyor
  • Matthew Kuenzi, PE Matthew Kuenzi, PE Civil Engineer
  • Stephen Gibson Stephen Gibson Machine Control Modeler

Shop, Safety, Dispatch, & IT

  • Ben Waldon Ben Waldon IT Manager
  • Carl Fitts Carl Fitts Dispatch
  • Donnie Chandler Donnie Chandler Safety
  • Mark Spring Mark Spring Safety Director
  • Todd Haun Todd Haun Dispatch Director
  • Tyler Kaufman Tyler Kaufman Shop Manager


  • Chad Walter Chad Walter Chief Estimator
  • Brian Littlefield Brian Littlefield
  • Garrett Lowenberg Garrett Lowenberg
  • Kevin Dettwyler Kevin Dettwyler
  • Ric Miller Ric Miller Concrete Estimator
  • Shane Hart Shane Hart

Project Managers

  • Jedidiah Kercher Jedidiah Kercher
  • Maxwell Scott Maxwell Scott
  • Brandon Young Brandon Young
  • Chris Terrell, PE Chris Terrell, PE
  • Zachary Toney Zachary Toney
  • Levi Stadeli Levi Stadeli


  • Aaron Franzen Aaron Franzen
  • Dustin Davies Dustin Davies
  • Ervin Stadeli Ervin Stadeli
  • Jason Snook Jason Snook
  • Kent Strom Kent Strom
  • Mike Zollner Mike Zollner
  • Nate Acuff Nate Acuff
  • Paul Eckis Paul Eckis
  • Scott Jones Scott Jones
  • Scott Kuenzi Scott Kuenzi General Superintendent - Mining Operations
  • Mike Merina Mike Merina General Superintendent - Underground Utilities
  • Mike Acuff Mike Acuff General Superintendent - Earthwork
  • Wade Hartman Wade Hartman Concrete Superintendent

Redmond Team

  • Jay Johnson, PE Jay Johnson, PE Project Manager
  • Steve Smith Steve Smith Project Manager
  • Andrea Huiras Andrea Huiras Project Engineer
  • Jill Johnson Jill Johnson Employee Onboarding & Office Assistant
  • Levi Sischo Levi Sischo General Superintendent
  • Scott Mccleskey Scott Mccleskey Superintendent
  • Tanner Pyeatt Tanner Pyeatt Superintendent


Meet our Team of Professionals

Longevity and depth of experience describe our K&E management team. Clients and contractors hire us repeatedly for three reasons: our competency, our ability to stay up with current trends and technologies, and our strong customer-service attitude.


"Their field personnel and administrative personnel are very good to work with.  They are always very attentive to the requests that are made, either good or bad.  They are very easy to work with and communicate efficiently and effectively.  They are all very interested in getting the project completed versus throwing up road blocks.

    -Hamilton Construction Company  Springfield, Oregon