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As a well-respected Oregon excavating contractor, we are called in to develop—or maintain—the infrastructure that connects the American way of life.  K&E Excavating Inc. builds, widens and repairs roads, highways and bridges that connect cities and communities. We dig and lay miles and miles of pipeline, so people can have fresh water for their homes and businesses. We expertly break ground and prepare sites for new sports stadiums, expansions for hospitals and universities, plus many other commercial construction projects.

Unlike other excavation and heavy civil construction companies, we have stayed true to our commercial excavation core and have invested in the latest GPS technology and work flow software that allows us to do our job better—and with increased efficiency. These technological capabilities, along with our high ethical business standards, have made us the commercial excavation and construction contractor that Northwest developers and public and private companies hire. 

Aging Infrastructure

With the aging of the country’s infrastructure, our company is in great demand serving both as a public works contractor and as a commercial contractor for municipalities, counties and states in the Northwest.

Let us also serve you for your next large-scale earthmoving or civil construction project. 
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