Revolutionary GPS Technology in Construction

In every industry, forward-looking companies are taking advantage of technology to improve their efficiencies and gain a competitive edge. K&E is proud to be such a company. We have made strategic investments in Global Position Systems (GPS) technology, as well as advanced workflow software that directly benefit our clients.

GPS Gives Real-Time Data

The use of GPS in construction has revolutionized the industry by offering real-time data when and where it’s needed. Through our investment in GPS technology, our crew can accurately measure existing, evolving and final topography before work begins. And our operators can use its sophisticated guidance and automation systems while excavating for faster and more accurate work. The end result being increased efficiency and accuracy resulting in less grade staking, rework and costly delays.

Besides our GPS technology, we have also invested in advanced construction management software to seamlessly integrate all the functions of a project from start to finish. By streamlining project communications and tracking, the cost to complete each project is well managed and day-to-day production analyses is conducted in real-time.


“Our investment in cutting edge technology results in cutting edge quality. K&E made our technology investment to ensure that our clients get the best in value engineering”

-Alex Culbertson, K&E GPS Manager

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"K&E is on the leading edge of technology with equipment to help them in construction projects.  They were one of the first that we have worked with that had computer generated models of slopes, fills, excavations, and drainage facilities to control grades of the type of work.  There were instances where these models caught errors made by the designer.  This saved a significant amount of time on the contractor's part and ultimately the owner.

-Hamilton Construction Company, Springfield, OR